Why Healthgoal360?

HealthGoal360 was founded with just one goal in mind: Help you with your health goal, whatever it may be. People often spend a lot of time planning their finance, but forget about the most important thing in their life, health. We strongly believe that health is your most important wealth. Healthgoal360 will help you take charge of your health.


If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, please consider using our diabetic service. It is completely free. Diabetic service will help you track your daily glucose level, your calorie intake, your medication and so on. You can share your health information with your doctor and whoever you like. Your doctor will get a better idea about your condition and you as a patient. Your health information will be extremely useful for providers in case of an emergency.


If you are pregnant, please sign up for our pregnancy service. It will provide you the tools and information necessary for you to manage your pregnancy. Share your pregnancy log with your OBGYN and other healthcare providers. Pregnancy log aka motherhood log, will help you track your cravings, moods and weight gain when you are pregnant. Keep that log as a gift for your child. Who would not want to read their mother’s feelings and what she craved for when she was carrying you.

Lab Reports

You do not have to wait for your doctor’s office to call you or send you your lab report. You can use healthgoal360 to obtain your lab reports directly from your lab if your lab work is done at one of our lab partners. In some states, you can even initiate select lab tests on your own.

Back to Shape After Pregnancy

Who wouldn’t want to get back to shape after pregnancy? Our general health management service will help you lose weight and get back to shape. Please sign up.

Weight Management

If you have a weight loss goal, do not go elsewhere. Use our health management service. It is a proven fact that keeping a log of what you eat is the most effective way of managing your calorie intake. Our health management service will help you set a weight loss goal and achieve your goal by giving you the tools and information needed to manage your weight.

Child Health Management

Having a newborn is one of the best life experiences, nonetheless keeping track of your baby’s feeding schedule, nap schedule and vaccination schedule are challenging at times. Sign up for our pediatrics service. It will help you track your baby’s growth & development and other day-to-day activities. Healthgoal360 will generate automatic vaccination schedule alert based on your baby’s birth date. You can print your baby’s activity log when you visit your pediatrician or you can give access to pediatricians to look at your baby’s information. If you ever have to go to a pediatric emergency room, you have all the information about your baby at your fingertip.

Device Integration

If you wear a fitbit band or a similar device, you can synchronize your data with Healthgoal360. What about uploading your daily blood glucose reading directly into Healthgoal360 without a key stroke? Sounds awesome! Sign up today for healthgoal360 (coming soon).

Blogs, News, Knowledge Base, Powerful Charts, Health Analytic Tools and Discussion Forums

Do not forget to check out our health blogs, health news, charts, analytic tools, knowledge base and discussion forum.


Healthgoal360 is based in North Brunswick NJ and managed by industry veterans. Please use our contact us link to reach us.

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Halthgoal360 is a big step forward in taking control of your health. Please sign up and take control of your health and wellness. Keep in mind that our service is completely free and you can discontinue our service at any time. We have only one goal in mind, help people live a healthy life.