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New Born

A new born baby is indeed a little bundle of joy, but it can be challenging to keep up with the baby’s schedule while juggling to get on with your daily routine. It is the time when you may have so many questions on caring for the baby - feeding, diaper change, health issues, development, safety and more. Read more to answer your questions


Toddler Well-being

When your toddler falls sick, it can be hard not knowing what is going on. Here are some tips on getting through the difficult time - If your toddler’s condition worries you, please call the child’s pediatrician right away.


Day Care / Child Care

Leaving your infant or toddler at a day care or having an in-home nanny care for your child while you are away at work is not very easy. You want to feel safe leaving your child with the person who is going to care for her/him while you are away. Read more on the things you would want to consider while searching for that right person or day care to choose for your precious little one -


Toddler Development

Toddlers go through various developmental milestones. They learn new skills such as talking, walking, eating by themselves etc. Not all children reach the developmental milestones at the same time. Get more information on Toddler Development at


Toddler Nutrition

As your toddler grows, it is good to encourage them to try new food. At the same time, you want to make sure they are eating nutritious food. Read more on guidelines to foster healthy eating -


Children and Exercise

Do you have questions on how much exercise your child needs? Do you worry if your child spends more time watching TV or playing video games? Get information from