Health and Wellness Tools

  • Calorie Tracker

  • Weight Tracker

  • Food Log

  • Weight Goal

  • Blood Glucose Tracker

  • Medication Tracker

  • Mood Tracker

  • Lab Results Online

  • Habit Tracker

  • Baby’s Weight

  • Device Sync Up

  • Knowledge Base



For Providers/ACO’s
  • Enterprise Edition of Healthgoal360

    Enterprise edition is a customizable version of healthgoal360. Healthgoal360 architecture offers maximum flexibility to incorporate small to big corporation’s health and wellness needs.

  • Customer Engagement

    A great tool for Health Plans for customer engagement and preventive maintenance initiatives.

  • Chronic Condition Management

    Healthgoal360 is a great tool for diabetic and heart patients to manage their diseases. It can easily be integrated with leading EHRs and Patient Portals so providers have their patient’s symptoms data whenever they need it.

  • Custom Reports

    Customizable health and wellness reports.

  • Population Health

    Healthgoal360 is a great tool for population health management.

  • EHR/Patient Portal Integration Ready

    Easy integration with leading EHRs and Patient Portals.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring

    Healthgoal360 Enterprise Edition is a great tool for remote patient monitoring. Patient’s weight, blood glucose and blood pressure are monitored using compatibletracking devices.

  • NPI Data Base

    Healthgoal360 has a built in NPI database.

  • Food Database

    Healthgoal360 food database contains large database of foods including ethnic foods such as Indian and Chinese.

Health Topics
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    • You are Pregnant? Now What?

    • Blessed with a Newborn!

    • Heart Health

    • Healthy Eating

    • Blog